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Wednesday, 25. February 2004
Bio for J. Randal Matheny

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Randal began preaching at age 16 and served churches in Blackwell, Texas, Shiloh, Tennessee, Ashland, Mississippi, and Paragould, Arkansas, before moving to Brazil in 1984.

Randal studied Portuguese in the U.S. for two years and after a year and a half of study in Brazil was awarded the Certificate of Proficiency from the Yazigi Language Institute in Belo Horizonte in 1986.

His writings have appeared in Gospel Advocate, Power for Today, 21st Century Christian, Magnolia Messenger and La Voz Eterna. He is a staff writer for Biblical Notes and The Voice of Truth International, with a circulation of 60,000 copies. E-zines such as Daily Wisdom and Heartlight have published his articles. His poetry has entered such magazines as Times of Singing; Möbius, The Poetry Magazine; Chattels of the Heart; The Discerning Poet; WestWard Quarterly, and Christian Bible Teacher.

Randal and his family worked with a mission team to begin a new congregation in the city of Belo Horizonte, the nation's third largest city with 3 million population. After 10 years of evangelism, leadership training, and publications ministry, the Mathenys moved to the city of São José dos Campos, where the church had a small beginning.

Randal works with the local church in personal evangelism, Bible classes, and discipleship and music training. He has written or edited several books and publishes books, courses and tracts. He edits and publishes Edificação Magazine since 1987. He travels across the country teaching and preaching in churches, lectureships, and gospel meetings.

A vigorous Internet ministry has provided the Brazilian church with edification and evangelistic tools. In English, Randal edits Forthright Magazine and BrotherhoodNews.com. Together with Barbara Oliver, they launched Forthright Press in 2004, through which he published his book, "Choose!"

In 2010 Roy Davison named him co-publisher of the Old Paths Archive, a group of Christian websites with over one million visits a year.

Randal has also worked with the National Bible School, the Mt. of Olives Christian Camp, the Christian Corner youth care program, and the Lar Cristão Christian Home.

The Mathenys' work is overseen by the Somers Avenue church in North Little Rock AR.

Vicki has homeschooled their children and coordinates the busy home activities. She has spoken at women's encounters, teaches women in the local congregation, and hosts many gatherings and barbeques for fellowship and evangelism. She teaches a weekly women's class in the local church.

The Mathenys have three children and one grand-daughter.


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Bio for J. Randal Matheny
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