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Pos-pic of The Snuggery

So here's a shot of The Snuggery after the architects got through fiddling with it. Nicer front, classier look, but the metal doors are flimsy. We've had problems with ours not shutting properly.

Close-up of the entry. These fellows are waiting for the architect to open. I share an entry with a music school on the right, there's a landing up above between us. Daughter Leila studies the flute there. Just so happens the couple who own the music school are our neighbors, live on the same street on the block below us (our street only has two blocks). The owner of the two buildings is the wife's father, and she grew up in the house on the left, as I understand.

The house on the right is on the corner of quiet little Praça [Plaza] Pedro Américo.

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Rained most of the day

I had my camera batteries charged and was ready to capture the new view of The Snuggery, but it rained most of the day, the afternoon straight through, so I wasn't able to catch a pic of it. Who knows ... maybe tomorrow?

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Before pic of The Snuggery

This is what the building looked like before some architects moved in below me. Shortly, I'll have a shot of it after they tinkered with the front. The Snuggery is located on the top at the back. (The second-floor door is mine, but not the window -- yet.) I'm trying to see if the architects will let me have the other half of the top floor. The owner offered it to me, and I told him I'd think about it. While I was stupidly delaying, he rented it out with the bottom floor. So back in here I do my writing, thinking, studying, and plotting.

Best I remember, I rented The Snuggery in December, 2001, but it was four to six months before I actually made it my principal daytime hangout.

Of course, it didn't earn the name Snuggery until after it had been thoroughly broken in. So the official nomenclature delayed until this very day, Thursday, 8 January 2004.

As far as the name goes, the Brits are to blame, according to M-W:

Main Entry: snug·gery
Pronunciation: 'sn&-g(&-)rE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ger·ies
Date: 1812
chiefly British : a snug cozy place; especially : a small room

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